Travel Like a Millennial

Jul 20, 2018

5 Millennial Travel Tips Everyone Should Try

There’s been a lot of talk in the travel industry about millenials, not only because young people make up a growing share of the market but also because this group reflects fast-moving changes in travelers’ preferences, tastes and expectations.

This got us thinking about what people want when they travel and how they can get the most out of this experience.  Give these millennial-approved travel tips a try for your next vacation, no matter what generation you’re a part of.

Venture off the beaten path.  If you’re thinking about a vacation to Mexico, why not try Costa Rica?  How about a trip to Portugal instead of Spain?  Millennials are eager to check out these lesser known destinations where you’re likely to find fewer crowds, lower rates and more unique experiences.

Choose exploration over relaxation.  A massage or a day on the beach is great but millennials don’t plan their trips around these activities. When you’re imagining your next vacation, think about the things you hope to see, do and experience and then build your trip around them.  You can always find a quiet spot to curl up with a book wherever you find yourself.

Seek out local experiences.  If the point of a vacation is to change your surroundings, why would you eat, shop or spend time at the same places you do at home?  Look for an independent coffee shop, specialty store or local market to get a taste of how people in the area actually live, even if your destination is just the next state over!

Embrace technology.  Most of us use our smartphones and tablets for things like email and web-browsing but millennials have pushed their love of technology to new levels.  Consider downloading some apps to make your next flight, car or hotel reservation. Having this information on your device makes travel easier and you may even find some great deals.

Stay socially and environmentaly conscious.  Making good decisions about the world and the people around us are things many of us think about in our daily lives.  Why should it be any different when we’re in a new place?  Choose to do business with companies that are concerned about the issues you care about or at least learn more about them.  You’ll feel better about taking your next vacation and might find yourself inclined to do it more often!

Kevin Arnold